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Welcome to Northeme Support Center & Knowledgebase. Theme support covers installation & getting setup, trouble with using theme features and bug fixes. Our goal is to reply your questions within one business day.

WP THEMES Reframe Plus
WordPress theme support questions

  • Thumbnail align

    Hi, I have one problem with the thumbnail align. I have Masonry layout, if I insert a thumbnail that is smaller than recommended size, can I center it in the column? Because...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • No Extra Zoom in Light-Box Feature

    Dear Northeme Support Team I just got to you as I'm really working on my website and already quite happy with my website. I really appreciate the template and all the fast...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Padding between Column images

    Hi How are you? I'm just filling in my new content in the awesome template. So far, so good, but as you can see, the small thumbnails stick to each other too...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Problem with the arrow symbols

    Hi, I've got a problem with the arrows symbols of the interface, they turned to another symbol, like @ or ), on Chrome and Firefox. It seems that the problem appears after...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • How to remove the Powered_by info from the footer?

    Dear People, How to remove the Powered by info from the footer? I tried all answers on this question from the previous posts, but nothing works. All posts are from 2015, so...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Select slider gets unselected

    Hi there, I've talked to you guys about this issue before without really getting a solution on a fix. One of my clients is reporting that on post pages the chosen built...

    Setup / Installation
  • insert tracking code

    hello, inserted tracking code for a heatmap via header and footer plugin it keeps on not being recognized what would be the best way to insert code in the header tag thank...

    Setup / Installation
  • Google Mobile Errors

    Google is reporting erros on this site - see screenshot

    Setup / Installation
  • Header height

    Hi: I’d like to decrease the height of the header throughout the site, please advise. Thanks!

    Setup / Installation
  • background slider + text?

    Hello: I am trying to create a full page slider that loops in the background and have so far been using Slider Revolution to accomplish this. It seems the only way I...

  • Individual Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types not displaying individual "pages"

    Hi there, Recently on my page where im using the 'Portfolio/ Blog grid' in Visual Composer mode I cannot search and select individual pages. The ones that were allready selected are not...

    Setup / Installation
  • padding problem with titles

    Hello there, I would like to reduce the height between my portfolio’s thumbnails, to reduce the blank space under the thumbnails titles : Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!

    Setup / Installation
  • Disable google fonts

    Hi, I would like to disable google fonts in Reframe Plus, and serve them locally. Could you point out how to remove: Thanks, Jacob

    Setup / Installation
  • Counter

    Hi, stupid question; how can I count my visitors? Is there a way to implement google analytics? Thx M

    Setup / Installation
  • Portfolio thumbnail overview..

    Hi, I am using the Reframe Plus theme. It`s going to be a photography portfolio page. I would like to have a portfolio overview page where I put a lot of thumbnails...

    Setup / Installation
  • demo menu not load

    i install theme, i install all plugin, i disable all other plugin and install demo content. The firt time i get an errore, i refresh and reinstall demo content but if i...

    Setup / Installation
  • I don't want the sub-menu to collapse

    Hi, I have two questions about the menu: First,[on desktop] when I click on the little arrow to open the sub-menu, it opens the top level page content while opening the sub-menu....

    Setup / Installation
  • Floating white bar at the bottom

    Hi! I can't exactly remember when this appeared (after some theme update I suppose, because I didn't change anything on my settings or website), but I have a permanent, floating white bar...

    Setup / Installation
  • mobile view - overlap of enlarged captions on images

    Hi Mert In mobile view, if I click on an image (for example a book or press item) and then enlarge the image for a close up view, the caption also enlarges...

    Setup / Installation
  • remove branding showing in google search for my website through CSS rule

    Hi Mert I would like to remove the following branding that shows up in a google search for my website “Reframe Plus by Northeme. Powered by WordPress” as I need the space...

    Setup / Installation
  • Multiple Portfolio Types on one Page

    Hello, I would like to show all my different Portfolios as grid on one page. Basically the whole content of the grid, including the page name. (E.g. 2018 > Content > 2017...

    Setup / Installation
  • Zoom in Lightbox

    Hello I just installed everything in terms of Reframe Portfolio Demo, works fine so far. Nevertheless, the Lightbox could work slightly better: I would like to load in a 4k image and...

    Setup / Installation
  • horizontal category filter will not display horizontally in some browsers

    Hi Mert The portfolio Category Filter (my art works page) should be displaying horizontal but is displaying as a dropdown (which does not look attractive as it is blue and white). When...

    Setup / Installation
  • captions line spacing mobile & tablet view

    Hi Mert Can you tell me how to reduce the line spacing on captions please. Captions are fine on PC, but on mobile and tablet there is too much space between lines...

    Setup / Installation
  • Make slider caption background darker & disable next and previous portfolio arrows above slider

    Hi Mert How can I make the Northeme slider captions background darker and also disable the next and previous portfolio project arrows above the slider (small arrows top right above slider). Thank...

    Setup / Installation


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