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Welcome to Northeme Support Center & Knowledgebase. Theme support covers installation & getting setup, trouble with using theme features and bug fixes. Our goal is to reply your questions within one business day.

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WordPress theme support questions

  • Demo Installation Failure

    Hello, After installing the bundled plugins and increasing the memory limit I am stil unable to install the demo properly. I disabled rest of the plugins but the bundled ones. The requirements...

    Setup / Installation
  • Menu is not visible on mobile

    Hello Mobile menu on front page is visible only if I logged as an admin. Otherwise is not visible. I tried also on IPad with different browsers but does not work. This...

    Bug report
  • single row menu doesn't work

    Hi Mert, first of all, thx for the nice theme** I need help with "the single row menu", it doesn't work. In the theme options I have chosen "Full Width - Single...

  • Sliders: newest first + fill 'Image Caption' with filename (without extension)

    Hello Mert, It would be so helpful to have the newest images first, so we do not have to re-arrange all the images in a gallery slider by drag+drop. Also, why I...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Hierarchy of permalinks

    Hello there! I have two custom post type; one that is my art portfolio and another that is a larger art project that I am doing. Both art nested inside the overarching...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Images being scaled automatically

    Hi, Whenever I try to upload an image, it is automatically scaled, and the original image won't be displayed. For instance, if I have an image that is 1MB, it will automatically...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Body Border - Can't hide it in shop page

    Hello, I've set the Body Border of some pages back to default (hidden). But somehow the Shop page doesn't follow... I need the body border to be hidden on this page too...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Edit Page Link Missing in WooCommerce Shop

    Hi Mert, I do not have an 'Edit Page' link in my admin bar on my WooCommerce shop page. I understand that may mean I do not have administrator access to that...

    Bug report
  • Space in the "works" page

    there is a big white space in the "works" page, above the actual thumbnails for works. Is that a glitch or is there a way of getting rid of this? Recently updated...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Can't add new campaign

    Trying to add a new campaign - never had a problem before, but when we click on the "INSERT" button nothing happens. In fact when we click on other things like "UPLOAD"...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Product Gallery images

    Inside any product page, there is the 1st product image showed 2 times in the Gallery thumbs (left side of the main image in every product). You can check it here:

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Single Product Page Image does not show

    In "Theme Options >> Shop/Woocommerce >> Layout Tab >> Single Product Page" when I choose "Gallery" from Product Images, the main image does not show in the mobile version of my site....

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • WordPress 5.6

    Hi Mert, I made an update for WordPress 5.6. The website was running ok but there was a problem with the main website, where I have slides with Slider Rev. As to...

    Bug report
  • WordPress 5.5.1 Breaks Site - broken after update - all themes and plugins are the latest version

    Bug report
  • Grid Animation/ Transition Not Working

    Hello The portfolio grid transition between categories isnt working for me despite the the Disable Grid animation being definitely turned off. Im sure this is an easy fix but id be grateful...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Blurred images in woocommerce

    Hello, I'am trying to install a shop with Woocommerce plugin, but I have difficulties with my images: they appear blurred. I've read about checking their sizes in: WooCommerce > Settings > Products...

  • duplicate a slider (northeme-sliders)

    Hi! It would be very helpful if I could duplicate northeme-sliders, would that be a feature you could kindly add? Thanks, Matthias

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Hide Navigation Arrows not working

    Hi, I'm not sure why, but no matters what, the navigation arrows stay visible in the single product page. I did enable "Hide Navigation Arrows" in theme settings, but I can still...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Video behaviour as project featured image

    Hi, I'm trying to make my home page lighter, but I really want to use a couple of .gif as featured images for some projects. I tried all the possible compression, but...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Cart background color

    Hello, how can I change the background color of the little basket drop down list? I checked in Northeme > Theme options > Skin & Colors... tried all sorts, but nothing I...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Product page issues

    Hello, I literally just renewed the licence and upgraded the Reframe + template on my website. I've got problems I didn't have before (v3.0) with the product page: 1) The main product...

    Bug report
  • How to center portfolio project title on a page

    Right now I am using in the name of the portfolio project title to center it on the portfolio pages on my site above the roles and the team copy. I have...

    Bug report
  • Categories shop page

    Hi! I have configured my shopping page to show the categories with thumbnails. I would like to change the color of the thumbnails overlay and I can't find it in style.core.css. Can...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Shop page

    Hi again! Is it possible to display the attributes of a product all the time? I would like to prevent the client from clicking to see the attributes. Sorry if my English...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Reframe Plus Sticky Nav

    Hello, I would like to add a sticky header to my Reframe Plus Theme. Do you have any tipps on how to achieve that? Thanks, Simon



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