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Welcome to Northeme Support Center & Knowledgebase. Theme support covers installation & getting setup, trouble with using theme features and bug fixes. Our goal is to reply your questions within one business day.

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WordPress theme support questions

  • how to put "title" custom field in italic

    Hi, I would like to put the "title" case of the additionnal custom field into italic instead of "strong". How can I do that? Thank you, best

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Gutenberg and page templates

    With Gutenberg coming on the scene I'm confused about the best way to create the most basic page. I'd like to try using Gutenberg blocks to create it. I want to make...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Updating theme

    I've upgrades the Theme Club this year. Do I need to use the new activation code for Reframe Plus to update my existing site to the latest version?

    Setup / Installation
  • Product Image auto-zoom when selecting product "Choose an option"

    When I select "Choose an option" on a product, the product image auto-zoom, and I have to click again on it in order to get it back to normal image size. It...

    Bug report
  • WPBakery Page Builder element inside Works

    Hello, I'm trying to use WPBakery Page Builder to create a gallery to put inside one of my Works. Not sure if this is something that is supposed to work, but here's...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • contact form shortcode

    Hello! Now that Guttenberg is in use, I can't seem to find a way to search up and identify specific short codes... this time for a contact form. I've scanned documentation and...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Post Sharing Button for Instagram

    There is no Sharing Button for Instagram. Is it possible to setup one?

  • Edit password page

    Hello, how can I edit the "page" that asks me for password? Also, is it possible to have a personalized page/message for each password-protected project? Thanks, Simone

    Setup / Installation
  • Un-clickable page (with sub-items) on mobile

    Hello, on my menu there is "About me" and two sub-items, on the desktop version I can click on all three elements, but on the mobile version I can only access to...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Categories & Tags

    Hi Mert. I am wondering if there is a way to "share" categories between different post types? I am currently in the process of switching some (or all) of my Blog posts...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Social Icons color (under left menu)

    Hello, how can I change the color of the Social Icons (only) that are under the left menu? Thanks, Simone

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Snazzy maps - or any other Google maps personalised styles

    Hello, I'm trying to personalise the map on my Contacts page. How can I apply a different style? I have already installed the Snazzy Maps plugin, but it doesn't seem to work......

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Scroll the logo away, keep the menu visible

    Hello, how can I make the logo go up (an disappear) when scrolling the page down, so that only the left menu is visible and remains visible (just like the old Reframe...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Set a specific/different hover effect to a single thumbnail

    Hello, how can I set a specific/different hover effect (color, alignment, etc..) to a single thumbnail (or more than one)? Thanks, Simone

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Single column layout in mobile view

    I would like to have my images larger in mobile view. Is there a way to use a single column view of the gallery so that images appear stacked one on top...

  • Alignment / Padding

    Hi, I'm trying to line up the blog section with main content but I can't work out how this is done. I've added an image to show the problem. The magenta rules...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Woocommerce Related Products

    Hi Mert, Is there any way to control to some degree what products show up as 'Related Products' in Woocommerce within Reframe Plus? At the moment it seems to be entirely random...

  • LightGallery Captions

    Thanks again Mert, for your beautiful themes. I hope I can be clear. I am using the LightGallery for all my portfolio images on four sites. The image captions link to the...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Issue with Yoast SEO

    Hi, There seems to be an issue with Yoast SEO and Reframe Plus. When the plugin is activated, single portfolio items cannot be edited, whether in visual or text mode. When the...

    Bug report
  • Portfolio 4 columns problem

    Hi, Despite the setting of the images is 275px x 206px, vertical thumbnails are not cropped at 206px by the theme. I give you also the link to see the problem, you...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Search feature

    Hi. Love your theme(s). I am muddling through set up of two sites, and everything (almost everything) is up and running. However when I use the search feature, the first item that...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Mouseover with title in gallery

    Dear Support team, how can I add moseovers with the project titles to my gallery? I bought the Reframe Theme because I'd like my gallery look like the one on your demo...

  • Update error

    Hi Mert, I recently updated to version 2.8.6 of Reframe Plus, however, the update process fails and delivers the following message: cURL error 35: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version. Update your Northeme...

    Setup / Installation
  • elements

    Hi. It could be personal error, but I am having an impossible time trying to locate the elements I have supposedly saved, and I cannot find any info from Visual Composer other...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Page Attributes - About / Contact

    I used to create a contact page with a Northeme (About / Contact) template. Today on a new installation I figured out it disappeared.. How can I bring it back?

    Trouble using a theme feature


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