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Edit Page Link Missing in WooCommerce Shop

Case ID #6447   -   Bug report

Hi Mert,

I do not have an 'Edit Page' link in my admin bar on my WooCommerce shop page. I understand that may mean I do not have administrator access to that page? I have been over so many forums, and tried numerous fixes and cannot get the edit page to show. It's been a pain. I didn't realize I should have access to the edit page (doh, I know) until I set up a new store in another WordPress site last week.

The other thing that is missing is the Woocommerce shop menu. The horizontal menu above the shop post listings. I am assuming that is WooCommerce? I have never had it in my shop. And would like it.

I should mention that the other shop I am setting up (where I have the Edit Page permissions & the shop menu) is essentially set up the same way as my current one. Same Theme, same php, WordPress 5.6, etc. I hope you are able to help. I have been all over WooCommerce forums, but cannot find a fix.

I should also note that everything is up to date, except php is 7.3. I tried to update to 7.4 and my site blew up.
WooCommerce install was May or June 2020 I believe (and apparently it's never been right), if that helps.



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