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  • Media Library Plus and Northeme themes

    Iā€™m using the Reframe Plus theme and want a more portfolio/gallery type of website. Iā€™m looking for a folder structure addon for Wordpress, so I can organize photos into folders then put...

    Setup / Installation
  • Image size

    Hi Mert If I do a blog post (single image) I can specify the size of the image (thumbnail, large, full) - where do I define these standards? And can I create...

    Setup / Installation
  • Portfolio page elements order on mobile

    Hi, I previously asked this: "Is is possible to get the text area in a portfolio post (currently on the right), to remain on the right in desktop but to stack above...

    Setup / Installation
  • Visual Composer doesn't work after updating license, theme and plugins

    Hi Mert, the visual composer doesn't work correctly after updating the theme and the plugins to the latest version. I also have done it by uploading directly on the ftp-server. Now the...

    Setup / Installation
  • Really confused as to how I use a video as a background

    Hi. I'd love to use a video as a background in my front page but after having tried several things and failed I really don't understand how to do it. Do you...

    Setup / Installation
  • flip the css code for category thumbnails so thumbnails overlay showing with title and show on hover

    Dear Mert, Another question about Is it possible to flip the css and code for category thumbnails so when you open the category page the thumbnails are covered with the overlay...

    Setup / Installation
  • menu font size works on computer screen but doesnt fit on one line in ipad landscape

    Dear Mert, I have made a site using reframe on the menu fits on one line on a computer screen, and changes to the 3 lines menu on phone and ipad...

    Setup / Installation
  • create a full screen width header bar which is a different color to the body using css?

    Dear Mert, another question for a site I am making. Draft copy on I want the black header bar to continue across the full width of the screen and not stop...

    Setup / Installation
  • custom non linking links on a category so only shows the thumbnails

    Dear Mert, is it possible to break the links on a cateogy thumnail page so that it keeps the thumbnails but you cant click through to anything. Can we custom non linking...

    Setup / Installation
  • Website Issues

    Dear Mert, I hope you are well. I am working on the website based on Reframe Plus theme and would appreciate if you assist with the following; 1. How can I have...

    Setup / Installation
  • Logo size at iPad breakpoint

    Hi, I seem to be having problems with my logo size as it breaks for iPad sizes. Is there any way of making my logo smaller so it doesn't encroach on the...

    Setup / Installation
  • custom CSS for the gallery slides

    Dear Mert, thank a lot for the nice theme. I want to customize my gallery on a site. It would be very great, if I could set "no border", "no box shadow"...

    Setup / Installation
  • alt text on images in Portfolios

    Hi, I have added alt text to images in the media library, but when these images are used on the site as part of a portfolio the alt text is not present...

    Setup / Installation
  • Grid Thumbs in Masonry

    When I select the "Original-Masonry" option in "Image Aspect Ratio" in APPEARANCE-->Grid Layout Templates, the images disappear in the Work and Blog Pages Grids

    Setup / Installation
  • Placing Widgets to Header

    How can I add widgets (e.g. Language Switcher) to the Reframe Plus Theme header?

    Setup / Installation
  • Google has trouble reading certain script

    Hi, I just ran a test with google and it claims to have a problem reading the following script: /wp-includes/js/jquery/ui/tabs.min.js?ver=1.11.4 Any ideas how to fix this? Kind regards Adam

    Setup / Installation
  • The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

    Hi Mate, I am trying to install Reframe Plus and getting the following message; The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Need Help!!! Thanks Ash

    Setup / Installation
  • 3 Portfolios on 3 Sites

    Hi, thx for the nice Theme! I want to build 3 Sites, with 3 different Portfolios. Is it possible, and how can I do that? Best, Sandy

    Setup / Installation
  • menu groups

    I am interested in menu groups that are not linked to pages themselves. For instance Is there a way to organize as follows: 1. johhny brenda bill I have content for johnny/brenda/bill...

  • custom Portfolio width

    Hi, first of all, thx a lot for the nice Theme! I want to create my Portfolio Site with 2/3 of the full width and with 3 columns. The Layout option is...

    Setup / Installation
  • Contact Form

    Hello, I wanted to know how to change the order of the contact form. I would like the form in this order. Name Email Subject Message Thanks, Tosin

    Setup / Installation
  • Portfolios

    Hi Mert, I have created another portfolio and a page and menu. How do I get the new portfolio to show up in the new menu ? The new menu item is...

    Setup / Installation
  • center row hall column image does not work anymore.

    hi, i am not able to enter row half column image anymore after update. it worked before the update. meaning that single goes underneath each other in the middle of the screen....

    Setup / Installation
  • Reframe plus - team member area display on mobiles

    Hi there, While looking on mobile at this: I have just noticed that the team members description is not displayed correct on mobiles. The problem occurs only with 2 members layout...

    Setup / Installation

    Hello, I'm working with the Reframe theme and I'm trying to install the demo. I get the following error message: "IMPORT FAILED! There is a script conflict caused by a 3rd party...

    Setup / Installation


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