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  • Block image saving

    Hi, thank you for your beautiful theme. As I'm designing my website I wonder how I can prevent download of images on my site ? All images are my artworks so it...

    Setup / Installation
  • Video background slides (mpg4) no working on ipad, iphone or android but yes on desktop

    Hi there, I'm using reframe plus 2.4.1 on the homepage I'm using background slider with a video mpg4. On Desktop works well but not on ipad, iphone or android. Any idea? many...

    Setup / Installation
  • work pages not loading

    I can't figure out why my works pages aren't loading. The thumbnail shows up but then I click on it and get: "Oops! It looks like nothing was found at this location....

    Setup / Installation
  • Problem after the last update - contents don't show

    Hi Mert, i have a problem if i click on the left menu i don't see anything. Only if i reload the page the contents show why? Let me know, please,...

    Setup / Installation
  • Pages & Lightbox Gallery

    Hi, I'm creating a page which will have both text blocks and images - I'd like it so if I click on one of the images it brings up a Lightbox gallery/slider...

    Setup / Installation
  • tagline position

    hi, i can't find the way to have the tagline below main title on homepage and not beside. Thank you for helping giovanni

    Setup / Installation
  • refarme plus disable scroll bar styling

    how i can disable black scroll bar styling( back to default) in reframe plus?

    Setup / Installation
  • Insert single custom post into page

    Hey Mert! Is it possible to insert a single custom post into a page of my site? I just did a workaround by inserting a post-slider with only one page-id, but there...

    Setup / Installation
  • css on chrome / firefox / safari

    hi guys, i have just added some CSS to the site and if you look at the below link in Chrome, what you are seeing is different to Safari and Firefox....

    Setup / Installation
  • update not possible

    I am running v.1.4.1 and I am not able to run an update. It should be possible with my license until 16th of February.. right!?

    Setup / Installation
  • Portfolio - new postings not showing up in gallery

    Hi, I am adding new projects to my gallery. Inside the new projects I am trying to edit the post preview image to show up in my main gallery. But it won`t...

    Setup / Installation
  • Portfolio Page

    Hi, at the moment I have different projects which are my portfolio. Every project contains lets say 10 images. Is it possible to show on my main gallery page not the different...

    Setup / Installation
  • Wrong sidebar link when single blog post selected

    Hi. If I click on a single blog item, the sidebar menu highlighted link isn't to the Blog but for another page, in this case 'Info'. How can this be sorted out?...

    Setup / Installation
  • Two columns, content on sidebar

    Hello, I've two questions. I would like to create a blog/project page similar to this one: Where all my projects are listed in a single columns layout but with the titel,...

    Setup / Installation
  • Full screen background slider

    I can't see the logo, footer, and main menu when using the slider revolution for a full screen background image. Everything seems to be loading but the slider appears on top. Thanks,...

    Setup / Installation
  • WP 4.7.1 update kills all images on front page - updated VC, Rev. Slider and WP and now nothing shows on my home page - rollover's seem to work though. Essentially site is down until this is fixed.

    Setup / Installation
  • How to add phone number item to contact form(Visual Composer)

    Basicaly, contact form by visual composer is composed of as following. Contact Form Title, Sub Title, E-mail, Name subject... etc I would like add phone number item. How can i do? Thanks

    Setup / Installation
  • Theme Update

    HI, I´d like to update my theme Reframe plus from 2.2.8 to 2.3.6 - it does´t work -> "Theme name doesn't match. Please make sure that theme name hasn't been removed or...

    Setup / Installation
  • Logo Size

    Dear Support-Team! First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I have a question to the logo image width: have set it to 200px Desktop and 100px Tablet and Mobile,...

  • Credits

    Hi Mert, is it possible to put credits and cookie policy under the social icons on the left side bar?always in fixed modal. Thanks

    Setup / Installation
  • One project page has huge top padding

    Hi I've posted 4 projects and they're all presented in the same way, except for one which keeps gaining a huge amount of top and bottom padding. Could you please look into...

    Setup / Installation
  • Blog first entry image & text repeated

    Hi. Can you please help me to figure out why the first blog post has image and text repeated? Thanks.

    Setup / Installation
  • Woocommerce style update

    Which files were changed for the update on 2.3.6? I'm having some style issues with the quantity input box and I'm looking for where to make the edits.

    Setup / Installation
  • Disable categories from displaying on blog page

    Great theme so far! Quick question: I can't seem to figure out how to prevent the categories from displaying below the post title in the blog section. Is there a way to...

    Setup / Installation
  • Image header full width

    Hi Mert, I'm looking for how to insert an image header, full width, there is a way to do it? Thank you and greetings, Giovanni

    Setup / Installation


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