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  • 2 Users at the same time (sometimes even only with 1): time out

    Hi, this happens a lot: - 2 users are working on the site - as soon as i try to go into northeme menu - site crashes - only happens with northeme...

    Setup / InstallationFeb 5th, 2016
  • Tags on Single Post Page

    Hi Mert, how can I turn off tags on Single Post Pages of Custom Post Types? Thank you. Best, Andreas

    Setup / InstallationFeb 2nd, 2016
  • Gifs won't play properly

    Hi, I've embedded some gifs. Sometimes they play perfect, than they suddenly stop and won't work anymore. If you need an account, please tell me. Cheers

    Setup / InstallationFeb 1st, 2016
  • Menu & Content alignement

    Hi, I'd like to align the texts here: But how do I do that? :)

    Setup / InstallationFeb 1st, 2016
  • Blog Posts

    Hi there, the blog page shows Blog as well as the path below it as Blog > Blog. Can I remove the path? There also seems to be a post that shows...

    Setup / InstallationJan 20th, 2016
  • Thumbnails in Blog Posts and other questions

    Hi Mert, is it possible to create a Standard Blog Listing Layout with thumbnails without using Image as Post Format and without having the Featured Image displayed in the Single Post Page?...

    Setup / InstallationJan 18th, 2016
  • I do not have notification to update

    Hi Mert, I saw now that my sites are still at version 1.3.5, I do not have notification to update. How can I solve the problem? Thank you. Regards, Govanni

    Setup / InstallationJan 14th, 2016
  • Widget in (left) Navigation

    Hi, I have a suggestion: a widget below the navigation (if on the left side). In the mean time: which file do I need to edit, in order to add some text...

    Setup / InstallationJan 12th, 2016
  • Background Slider - Reframe Plus

    Hi Mert, Just a quick one. I would like to start my website on a large, full screen image which you click on to enter the website. I'm using a background slider...

    Setup / InstallationJan 12th, 2016
  • Shortcode in Tagline

    Hi, the tagline (Header tagline text) don't acept shortcodes, only html. I'd like to add a textrotator. Is there any way to accomplish this? Hardcode or so? Thanks

    Setup / InstallationJan 11th, 2016
  • Bottom Visual Editor on Homepage: not working

    Hi, I'm trying to embed a YT-Video below my latest portfolio items, to achieve that, I'm putting the embed code into the Bottom Visual Editor. It's not showing up, in fact, nothing...

    Setup / InstallationJan 10th, 2016
  • Reset (close) sub-menus when clicking on the logo

    Hi! Is it possible to "reset" the left menu (close sub-menu, etc.) when going back to the homepage by clicking on the logo or text-logo? For now, when I do so, the...

    Setup / InstallationJan 6th, 2016
  • Permalink problem stays

    Hi Mert, first of all thanks for the new update. Its going better and better but I still have those ugly permalink problems. 1 in my hp ( structure I have works...

    Setup / InstallationDec 19th, 2015
  • sidebar goes away in shop

    Hi, for Reframe Plus, the product info side bar (right) disappears as I scroll down. I noticed that the Reframe Plus demo behaves the same way...but this creates really strange CX since...

    Setup / InstallationDec 14th, 2015
  • Problems after update

    Hi Mert, after upgrading to Reframe Plus some things didn´t work out anymore: 1 Category sorting fails completely. All works are assigned to categories like in the legacy theme but if I...

    Setup / InstallationDec 11th, 2015
  • Content wrapper on mobile device not 100% wide

    Hey there, when I use content wrapper shortcode, it does what it is supposed to do on desktop, but when I reduce the width of the browser window or open the page...

    Setup / InstallationDec 7th, 2015
  • Logo url

    Hi, I don't understand why when I click on logo url is not homepage link. Could you please tell me how can I change it? Thanks Christel

    Setup / InstallationDec 2nd, 2015
  • Excerpt in related posts thumbnails

    Hi Mert, I use the Related Posts feature with the following settings for Post Layout: Description Alignment ist set to Overlay Excerpt Word Limit is set to 20 In the Related Posts...

    Setup / InstallationDec 1st, 2015
  • »same category navigation«

    When »same category navigation« is set in Layout for Custom Post Types, the navigation arrows are grayed out … Are there special requirements for the category name? Thank you, Andreas

    Setup / InstallationNov 29th, 2015
  • social links

    Hi, i would like to display the social links under the menu, like the "classic" reframe theme did. Thank you

    Setup / InstallationNov 24th, 2015
  • Reframe Theme Options

    Hi! Sorry, but I can´t find de Reframe Theme Options button in my Wordpress dashboard!

    Setup / InstallationNov 20th, 2015
  • Session expired. You must refresh the page to proceed in bg slide

    i try to bgslide ... i use uplode image 1800x1200 or 1920x1080 i type the sldename but Session expired. You must refresh the page to proceed in my screen can you help...

    Setup / InstallationNov 20th, 2015
  • Google maps in the About/Contact template is not showing up

    Hi, I've filled in my mailing address in the Google maps section on the About/Contact template but I don't get any visualisation of the map. I only see a wide grey area...

    Setup / InstallationNov 19th, 2015
  • Two questions about Reframe Plus

    Hi there, I have two questions about Reframe Plus. 1. I'v created three subcategories under category. I don't know why, my Portfolio-page dosen't show all of the projects from three subcategories. Website:...

    Setup / InstallationOct 30th, 2015
  • Images

    Hi Mert (and wider community), Is it possible to have multiple images on a portfolio page that all click through to the same page? For example, say I'm a graphic designer with...

    Setup / InstallationOct 29th, 2015


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