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  • Modification of Blog page in workality plus theme

    Hi Team, I wanted to modify blog template of workality theme and also I wanted some tips in regards to how to make my blog look better. Apparantly I don't like the...

    Setup / Installation
  • Slider Revolution updates

    Hi, I keep seeing a message requiring me to update slider revolution but i am not able to. I saw an old post from May stating these messages will be resolved, but...

    Setup / Installation
  • Featured Image not working

    Hi, I can't set "featured images" to be used in the works overview page. It works for all work posts that I created with "Workality Light", but since I upgraded to "Workality...

    Setup / Installation
  • Post Listing Page permalink issue

    Hello I am working on I have created a new Post Type but when I change the Post Listing page’s permalink (to remove the “-page”): from: to: I am...

    Setup / Installation
  • Change workality social media icon position

    Hello, I'd like to centrally align the social media icons that are currently sitting to the bottom right. Could you let me know how I can do this as there isn't an...

    Setup / Installation
  • Border Around Menu Links

    Hi, How can I add a full 1 px border around the menu links and the category links? The border I want in the menus can be seen in here: And...

    Setup / Installation
  • Portfolio Item Title on Left of Thumbnail

    Hi, Is it possible to arrange the portfolio item's title and category texts appear on the right side of the thumbnail in the grid portfolio layout? Where should I edit in the...

    Setup / Installation
  • Change "Selected Works" on Home page to show Portfolio categories

    Hi, I would like to change the items displayed in the "Selected Works" section of the Home page to display only Portfolio categories instead of individual projects. I have this setup in...

    Setup / Installation
  • No Home Page Template in Page Attributes

    Hello Northeme I am building the website and have noticed that there is no option to select a Home Page template in Page Attributes. I have used Workality in the past...

    Setup / Installation
  • Youtube Shortcode being Resized

    I'm trying to use the default WordPress youtube shortcode to resize an embedded video on a single Project page. When using the code: [youtube ] all of the specific variables such...

    Setup / Installation
  • problem loading posts Whenever I click on a project to display the details, the page kind of blinks and then disappears. I tried the three navigation types: smooth, normal and ajax. smooth: blinks. normal...

    Setup / Installation
  • Posting/sharing blog post to Facebook and Twitter

    Hi Northeme I appreciate you don’t offer support for plugins but I am at a complete loss. What are you using to create your Facebook and Twitter posts? They are perfect! I...

  • Translation Fr

    Hy, I have take all the translation from Workality plus. The translation is ok but on woocommerce when the chekout is finish, the page order-received with the information : Thank you! Your...

    Setup / Installation
  • Getting sitewide notice

    Your theme (Workality Plus) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which...

    Setup / Installation
  • Background on a page

    Hi, I want to set the background of a particular page. The homepage here: And then the rest of the site to have a colour. Is this possible? Thanks Steve

    Setup / Installation
  • Right-to-Left Language Support

    hello there, please, i need help as my website have a right side language "Arabic" when I switch to the Arabic language, the page logo move from lift to the right. I...

    Setup / Installation
  • Very sad to see a really bad loading time of my site

    Hi, I am using Workality Plus theme Mert. I recently paid a person to analyze and tell me the reason why my website is ranking below other competitive site of my niche....

    Setup / Installation
  • Gallery images not loading in lightbox

    Hi there, I recently added a gallery to a work page. The images show up fine as thumbnails, but when I click on them to open the full size image in lightbox...

    Setup / Installation
  • BBPress is supported ?

    Hi Northeme, I wanted to know is BBPress plugin supported in workality theme ?

    Setup / Installation
  • How do I connect Tictail to my web page? and some more questions...

    Hi, I want to connect tictail to my webpage. i want it to be inside of a bottom in the meny or into a bottom in the page, that goes forward to...

    Setup / Installation
  • Slider

    Hi, I ask for the page slider, my site is bilingual as every page have two tabs for languages, I need to set an autonomy slide for every language tab for the...

    Setup / Installation
  • Error after install

    Hi, Some problems after installed theme Error message Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_cart() in Could you please help me to fix this? Thanks.

    Setup / Installation
  • Parallax Backgrounds effect Visual Composer

    hello, please I tried to set Parallax Backgrounds effect on scrolling by Visual Composer in Workality Plus theme but the effect didn't apply, the background still with no scrolling effect, is that...

    Setup / Installation
  • Slider pixel dimensions

    Hi Mert, Is there a specific size I should create graphics for the slider? Have looked through documentation and cant find any specs. Just using built in Slider at this stage or...

    Setup / Installation
  • uploading images error

    hello there, please i need help as I've an "HTTP error" at every time I try to upload any image. Note: I use the theme for a new domain. thanks a lot,

    Setup / Installation


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