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  • post page not chaging with password protect

    I have created a new POST - Catalog - i made it Password protected - I went incognito mode to test it out, and its still not showing it as a password...

  • Front page Interface issues

    Hi guys after the update to wordpress 4.72 the interface issues we had the last month are back, i have my whole front page all broken please check my site: if...

    Setup / Installation
  • Gallery thumbnail won't show on new portfolio project

    Hi, I just published a new project to my portfolio section and every time I try and include a thumbnail (555x555) with rollover, the main thumbnail disappears when I save it, which...

    Setup / Installation
  • Woocommerce Variable Product Issue

    Hello, I have a Variable Product page using 108 variations (sizes and colors) and images have been added to each variation. On the page, the Color drop down appears to be malfunctioning:...

    Setup / Installation
  • PHP 7

    Hi I'm planning a migration of my site to php 7. Are there any known issues with the theme workality+ and php 7? Thanks

    Setup / Installation
  • No thumbnails visibel

    Hi, I have created a portfolio (named it differently) by creating a new post type. Under this portfolio I wanted different categories. So added a new "portfolio" and named it "atelier" ....

    Setup / Installation
  • Woocommerce Advanced Product labels wrong place

    Hi I just install the Woocommerce Advanced Product labels extension into my theme, and the labels are misplaced, I contacted The author of the plug in and they told me that the...

    Setup / Installation
  • Mobile Menu Not Working

    The mobile memnu is not wrking. We have tried disabling various plugins with no luck. Please Advise

    Setup / Installation
  • Upgrading from Workality premium

    Hi I currently run Workality Premium on and would like to upgrade to Workality+ What's the best way to do this with minimum disruption to the look of the site? I...

    Setup / Installation
  • slider invisble

    Hello, after updating to slider revolution V5.3.0.2 and workality Plus 2.2.9 all my previous slider are invisble. (Wordpress 4.6.1) Do I have to update to the latest version 5.3.1. of slider revolution...

    Setup / Installation
  • Customization by you?

    Hi guys, yesterday I bought your theme workality since my friends from are very happy with it. I can't cope with it though and I'm far from achieving what I want....

    Setup / Installation
  • There is a script conflict caused by a 3rd party plugin or WordPress version.

    Hi I'm getting this error when I try to install sample data. Is it because i dont have woocommerce? thanks

    Setup / Installation
  • Realted posts showing up twice

    Hello, I seem to have an issue with related posts showing up twice on my site. Once, an all text version (no thumbnail) and then again with the thumbnails below that. I...

    Setup / Installation
  • Internet Explorer Bug

    Hello, Please I ask for Help as I faced an Issue with Internet Explorer, I didn't put my hand on the root cause, perhaps it related to the theme or something else,...

    Setup / Installation
  • Mobile Menu

    Hi there. I recommend the Workality theme when I can and I'm just in the process of setting up a new site using it but have noticed that the mobile menu icon...

    Setup / Installation
  • Header bar colour change

    Hi there, is it possible in Workality to change the colour of the top navigation so there is, say, black background behind the navigation, and the nav text is white? I know...

    Setup / Installation
  • Fatal error after updating visual composer and slider

    Hi, I'm having troubles after updating visual composer and the slider plugin, that are both suggested for Workality Plus theme. My screen has two types of displays now both blocking me from...

    Setup / Installation
  • Visual Composer adding links glitch?

    When I add any link to text (in any text block) and click save, I'm not able to edit that text block anymore. It only happens when I add links. I tried...

    Setup / Installation
  • Accordion Shortcode

    Hello, Is it some how possible to modify the style of the accordion shortcode? The font size and colors are not fitting my expectations right now and the backend modification are not...

    Setup / Installation
  • related posts (works)

    Is there a way to decide which works apear as related works on a single work page?

    Setup / Installation
  • Comments not showing on single posts

    Hi Mert, I enabled the options to show comments on my wordpress site but they are not displaying. I don't find any option to show them in northeme admin panel as well....

    Setup / Installation
  • Make width of Workality the same as Reframe?!

    Dear Mert, since most of the websites in the creative industry use the width of the reframe theme: Will there be an update on the Workality theme that makes Workality the same...

    Setup / Installation
  • Two columns w/Info Sidebar | How to shrink the gap between the two columns

    Hey Mert, I have created white borders around my posts. Unfortunately the gap between the Infosidebar (text) and the pictures ist too big. I couldn't figure out a padding mechanism here. Seems...

    Setup / Installation
  • Want to add button class to readmore

    Hi Team, I want to add readmore button to readmore class in blog template so that it looks better. Problem is according to wordpress codex, it says you can find it in...

    Setup / Installation
  • How to get project info to float on scrolling in Workality

    Hey Mert, I just checked out Reframe Plus, but decided to go back to Workality as it is more compact for my needs. However, I miss one feature of Reframe in Workality....

    Setup / Installation


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