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WordPress theme support questions

  • editing the layout

    Hey, I was wondering if there's a way to add extra elements ( pics, sliders, text etc) on the footer of the portfolio page. Anything I add goes on top of the...

    OtherSep 17th, 2020
  • Project Image not getting uploaded

    Hi, I am unable to upload project image. It give this error. "Post-processing of the image failed likely because the server is busy or does not have enough resources. Uploading a smaller...

    Trouble using a theme featureAug 23rd, 2020
  • How to remove empty fields (Dimensions and SKU)?

    Hi, Mert. I understand that these are likely options of WooCommerce. But maybe you know how to disable these empty fields (Dimensions and SKU) and at the same time keeping visible a...

    Setup / InstallationJul 6th, 2020
  • How to hide gallery at the product page?

    Hi, Mert. I'm starting to learn and tune the Theme a bit and I have a few design questions. 1. I've uploaded only one single image. But right away I've got "gallery"...

    Setup / InstallationJul 1st, 2020
  • Shop Demo

    Hi Mert, I'm having trouble getting the shop demo to appear. I have the recommended plugins installed, as well as WooCommerce. I have added the shop to the main menu but when...

    Trouble using a theme featureJun 15th, 2020
  • Changing Link color (Custom CSS) does not work

    Hi Mert I have seen similar topic from 3 years ago but it does not solve my problem. I used to use custom CSS to change the link color and hover on...

    OtherMay 16th, 2020
  • Random portfolio posts

    Hello, I'm trying to make page for our oldtimer club with member vechicles. I want that initial list is with random order. So far I have only few projects for test. I...

    Trouble using a theme featureMar 23rd, 2020
  • Text editor width

    Hi Mert If I set the "Text editor width" to 70% – the left/right margins on mobile and tablet is to big. How can I set it to 100% on mobile and...

    Trouble using a theme featureMar 5th, 2020
  • Vertical menu aligning with the logo placed left

    Dear Northeme Team, I would like to kindly ask if it is possible to align menu vertically with a logo (logo placed left). I would like to align menu baseline with logo...

    Trouble using a theme featureDec 29th, 2019
  • how to change color of hamburger menu in centreal plus

    Hello Mert, I would like to know how to change the color of the hamburger menu on mobile phone. There are sliders behind it and the hamburger almost disappears in the background....

    OtherNov 27th, 2019
  • broken theme

    Hello Mert, I have similar issues before but it was always limited to some pages or browsers and I was able to sort them by clearing the cache. This time is happening...

    Bug reportOct 17th, 2019
  • Award page

    SUGGESTION FOR AWARD OR PRESS PAGE: Hi, I need to create an award or press page, I know there is no award page in your preinstalled demo. Would you recommend any pages...

    OtherSep 14th, 2019
  • Changing 'Portfolio' to something else

    Hi, Whereabouts can I change the 'Portfolio' word which shows at the top of the Portfolio page?. cheers Sam

    OtherSep 2nd, 2019
  • Slide Revolution

    Hi Mert, I have recently updated the Slider Revolution plugin (got seperate license) and it caused a serious problem. I am unable to use theme dashboard now. Please see attached printscreen. Is...

    Bug reportJul 10th, 2019
  • Body font size change does not affect Portfolio entries

    Dear Northeme Team, thank you for a great theme we recently purchased. We would like to ask a question: we want to change a text font size (body or paragraph) and we...

    Bug reportMay 24th, 2019
  • Verically Centered Text within Two Columns in WPBakery

    Hello, I'm currently building my about page using WPBakery. I want to try and replicate the same text positioning that is being used by the northeme "team member". The northeme team member...

    OtherMay 16th, 2019
  • Multiple tabs

    Hello, I'd like to add multiple tabs (using the tabs shortcode) on a same page but they seem to interfere with each other. You can see what I mean in the url...

    Bug reportMay 13th, 2019
  • Letters in blog posts on mobiles

    Hi Mert, there is some problem with letters spacing in blogposts after the recent update. Can you please have a look on this? Many thanks, Krzysztof

    Bug reportApr 29th, 2019
  • Woocommerce Badge plugin

    Hello, I'm using a plugin to add 'SOLD' on to products. You can see it on this page: This should also automatically appear on the shop page, but it doesn't:

    Trouble using a theme featureApr 3rd, 2019
  • Portfolio grid

    HI, I'm trying to set up a new home page and I'm running into issues with the portfolio grid. Here is the link to the page: On the two column grid...

    Trouble using a theme featureMar 11th, 2019
  • categories

    ive found a problem with going backward from a single post page. "oops,..." error page appears. it happens only when i get to the single post from categorized page. for example, if...

    Trouble using a theme featureMar 7th, 2019
  • Blog width and align

    Hi! I want to set the blog index and posts at 70% width (like portfolio pages). I've found out how to do it, but automatically sets the align at the left of...

    Bug reportFeb 20th, 2019
  • Title line border

    Hi! I would like to increase the border of the line that appears above the titles in portfolio items. Instead the light short gray line I would like to set a body...

    Trouble using a theme featureFeb 20th, 2019
  • Cart icon

    Is there any way to change the cart icon at the top? The bit of code is this one: $ Thanks in advance.

    Trouble using a theme featureFeb 7th, 2019
  • Main logo alt tag

    Hello, When pages load for the first time, the main logo on the site shows the alt tag big and bold for quite a while before the actual logo loads, which is...

    Trouble using a theme featureJan 28th, 2019


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