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Welcome to Northeme Support Center & Knowledgebase. Theme support covers installation & getting setup, trouble with using theme features and bug fixes. Our goal is to reply your questions within one business day.

WordPress theme support questions

  • Gif as a Project Image

    Hi, I lud like to have an Animated Gif as a "Post Image/Project Image", but it does´t work. It is working just with not Animated images. For example for this post:

  • Change font size

    In the Excerpt field (page setup - works) How do I change both the font size and alignment to left-aligned text? Thx

    Setup / Installation
  • How to create a page that...

    that can lists all Portfolio posts and be set as a frontpage? Just like the demo version.

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Setting up a top menu bar as demo version

    I am new to this theme. But I having trouble in seting up a layout, that looks like the demo version... That means a landing page with a centred 'top menu bar'...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • contactform problems

    Hello there, i am using Regain, the theme is great, but something is going wrong with the about/contact template. Unfortunately, the contact form on the about page does not work. Neither with...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Centering footer items

    Hi there, I would like to center the widgets in the footer ( I have 3 columns) right beneath the blogpost / main page. I haven't really found the right method to...

  • Blog: author and date/ title width and font

    Hi there I am wondering how it would be possible to remove the blog author and also post date in the Regain blog. Regarding the blog title (as shown on the post),...

    Setup / Installation
  • Setting 'Works' as my static homepage under 'homepage settings'

    I would like to set my 'Works' as my default homepage on my site. The options to customise the homepage only seem to let me include pages I have set up (CV,...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Vimeo load

    Hi Mert I have a problem with autoplay of my vimeo embeds. Is this a Regain issue (lazyload?) or is it something to do with the plugin? The same shortcode works on...

    Setup / Installation
  • How to "kill" a thumb? :-)

    Hi Mert Is i possible to make a thumb "dead". I want it not to make hoover/mouseover-effect, and not to go to the attached page. I only want to do this to...

    Setup / Installation
  • index / landing

    Hi Mert How do I make a page with the big menu in the middle open as index page? Is this possible? I.O. Can I make the menu open on the landing/index...

    Setup / Installation
  • edit text works

    How can i edit the following text on the WORKS page? "Regain is a Minimalist WordPress Portfolio & Blog Theme for creative minds. Showcase your works and share your stories with unique...

    Setup / Installation
  • Caregory direct to page

    Hi Mert Is it possible when clicking on a category instead of showing the pages in the category to go directly to a page? On I have one category "omslag" that...

    Setup / Installation
  • maintenance mode

    Hi Mert Thanks for your last queries. I wanted to ask how do I put my Regain site into maintenance mode? Thanks so much, Joe

    Setup / Installation
  • Permalinks problem

    Hi Mert Something strange is happening on my page: When you click one of the categories the "main-title" 'publikationer' changes to 'Davids samling-udstilling'. The same happens on the "blog" template that...

  • Categories translatable

    Hello, me again with another thing... I just had to rebuild my website from scratch again (long story) and I'm almost done, but I'm stuck with untranslatable categories. I don't exactly remember...

  • Site title font size, categories in main menu

    Hello, it's me again! I'd like to change the size of my site title (make it bigger) and move the categories from below the titel to my main menu. Can I use...

    Setup / Installation
  • Wordfence plugin – security scan

    Hello, On Friday I installed the (free version of) the Wordfence security plugin, and now it shows a lot of "suspicious" files ("Unknown files in Wordpress core). After reading a bit in...

    Setup / Installation
  • Contact form opt-in click

    Hello, According to new EU law I'm legally required to have an opt-in click thingy for my privacy policy in my contact form before the SEND button. Is there a way to...

    Setup / Installation
  • Hide navigation on the side

    Hello, me again! I've been trying to get rid of the navigation on the right side but cannot find where. The arrows don't work (I might have changed something somewhere but can't...

    Setup / Installation
  • Putting links in the footer

    Hello, me again... I'd like to put my links to my imprint and privacy policy in the footer, not in the main menu. How can I do this? Thank you! Best, Anneke

    Setup / Installation
  • Center contact form

    Hello, I'm trying to center the contact form. So far none of the CSS found in general wordpress forums helped. What's the trick? Thanks in advance, Anneke

    Setup / Installation
  • Sharing disabled – cannot remove the word "Share"

    Hello, I disabled all the sharing options for various reasons, but now I still have the word "Share" showing up under each post. How can I remove it? Thanks!

    Setup / Installation
  • Multiple languages

    Hello, One reason I chose Regain was because it supports multiple languages. Does this work only with the WPML plugin? I installed another one (WP Multilang) but the languages just showed up...

    Setup / Installation
  • Multiple Portfolio and multiple blog pages

    Hi Mert I'd like to have two portfolios on my site (one for works and one for projects) additionally I'd like a news section using the blog function and also texts section...

    Setup / Installation


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