June 1, 2016

Madrigal Lite : Free One Page WordPress Theme

Free, Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme for Creatives

Madrigal Lite is out now and free to download!

It’s a Free One Page WordPress Portfolio Theme for creatives.


Installation and setup of Madrigal Lite is quite simple. It comes with a Single Page template that turns a standard page into a unique posts list.

Single Page template offers Hero and Contact sections. You can upload a custom BG image and define a title and caption for hero section. As for contact, it’ll be the last section on your website with a title, message and your e-mail address. Both features are optional and can be disabled.

You can build your posts at Posts on your dashboard. Image and Video post formats allow to display an image or embed a video in a post section. You can also use Standard format to use 3rd party plugin shortcodes.

Meta Slider and Responsive Lightbox plugins are being used on theme live demo. You’re free to install and use both plugins in order to build sliders and open images in lightbox.

Check out Madrigal Lite page to download this theme. You can also find more information about theme features, installation and setup.

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