Reframe Plus

Clean & Hi-Res Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme

Reframe Plus is highly flexible & customizable, hi-res (up to 1600px) responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme for photographers, fashion designers, musicians and bloggers.

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VER 1.4.1 - January 19th, 2016

JULY 5TH, 2015



Cross Browser Support
Background Slider

Use full page size, fixed BG slider to display your images and videos (HTML5 videos) beautifully. Great for building landing pages.

Background Slider
Preset & Custom Skins

Select Light, Gray or Dark skin preset for a quick start or create your own color scheme through Custom option.

Preset & Custom Skins
Portfolio & Custom Post Types
Portfolio & Custom Post Types

Custom Post Type manager is a unique feature to expand your content. You can create up to 10 post types similar to Portfolio (see on line demo). Each post type has their own posts, overview page and taxonomy / category. Use this feature to build versatile websites.

Complete Ajax Navigation

Ajax navigation allows to load pages without page refresh. Complete ajax navigation is being used for navigation menus, grid layout, post navigation and paginations.

* Ajax navigation may not be playing well with some 3rd party plugins or Woocommerce features. It's an optional feature and can be disabled.

Complete Ajax Navigation
Grid Layout Manager
Grid Layout Manager

Create / manage custom layouts with Grid Layout Manager. Each layout provides several modification options : 

  • Columns : 2 to 6 columns
  • Padding : Adjust padding between images
  • Landspace, portrait, square or masonry (Custom sizes supported)
  • Manage retina support

Custom layouts are interchangeable between all post types including blog.

Featured Image / Video Options

Grid layout offers several item displaying options :

  • Single thumbnail
  • Thumbnail with hover image
  • Embed video
  • Animated GIF

Videos can be embedded via 3rd party website URLs or WP video shortcodes. 


Featured Image / Video Options
Font Types & Styling
Font Types & Styling

Easily pick a font from Google Fonts, @fontface, HTML fonts or add a font through Typekit or other 3rd party font providers.

Font styling section allows you to adjust menu navigation, heading(s), body, widget font type, size & styling separately.

Built-in Slider, Gallery & Lighbox

Each theme comes with slider & gallery manager to build unlimited sliders and galleries. They can be included into pages via shortcodes as well as hero slider panel for each post / page separately.

Also built-in lightbox plugin will be automatically applied to WP galleries, and built-in slider & galleries.

* Both features are optional and can be disabled to use 3rd party plugins

Built-in Slider, Gallery & Lighbox
Slick Design, Flexible Settings
Slick Design, Flexible Settings

Only necessary tools, features and sections included into our themes to maintain slick look and optimized performance.

We make sure that Northeme Options Panel provides the best modification options to personalize your website.

Woocommerce Support

Reframe Plus comes with Woocommerce support. We make sure that all Woocommerce pages look beautiful and match Reframe Plus' slick interface.

* Woocommerce Plugin support is optional. Woocommerce related scripts will not be included to your theme unless it's activated. Learn more at FAQ

Woocommerce Support
Page Templates
Page Templates

Built-in page templates make easier to build pages with specific content.

BG Slider is an exclusive template for Reframe Plus and allows to build fullpage BG sliders. It's great for building intro pages as well as multiple galleries.

You can build an About and / or Contact page with About / Contact template which offers contact form, team members section, Google Map and company / project info tools. Home template is great for building an home page with post summaries from post types such as portfolio, blog, shop etc.

Also Full Width and Default page templates offered to build pages with or without sidebar.


Improve your content through 9 awesome shortcodes : Posts (post summaries from any post type with extensive settings), Columns, Tabs, Contact form, Gallery / Slider, Google Map, Button, Alerts, Icons.

SEO Manager
SEO Manager

All pages coded with SEO in mind. Northeme Framework also offer built-in and extremely lightweight SEO manager that allows to specify SEO title, keywords and description for each page, post and category in order to increase your website’s visibility on search engines.

SEO Manager is offered as an out of the box feature and can be disabled to use a 3rd party SEO plugin.

Translation & WPML Support

Translate your theme into any language easily through theme localization files.

Workality Plus is fully compatible with WPML which is one of the best WP multilingual plugins.

Check WPML plugin at website.

Translation & WPML Support
Theme Help & Support
Theme Help & Support

Theme documentation is at your fingertips!

Theme documentation can be accessed directly from your dashboard. It's getting updated along with your theme constantly and located under Northeme section on your WP dashboard for easier access.

For your further questions, Ask a Question button will take you to theme knowledgebase & support center. Get fast and precise support!

Auto-Update, Upgrade & Theme Switching

Whenever a new update released, you’ll be notified immediately and you’ll be able to update your theme via single-click from your dashboard!

Also each theme comes easy-to-use upgrading tool. If you've been using our free theme Workality Lite (including our legacy products), upgrade screen will show up automatically and your theme data & content will become re-usable with Reframe Plus! You won’t lose any of your content!

Auto-Update, Upgrade & Theme Switching


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Standard Theme Features

All themes built with powerful Northeme Framework.
Here are some of the great features included in all themes :

QuickStart Guide

No more worrying about how to setup your theme!

QuickStart guide is a unique way to setup and personalize your website in the same time through step-by-step process.

Only focus on adding your content, rest assured!


Reframe Plus Change Log

V1.4.1 - January 19th, 2016
  •  Woocommerce V2.5 compatibility fixes
  • Lightbox fix for single product image (Woocommerce)
  • Excerpt styling fix
  • Minor styling fixes


V1.4 - January 15th, 2016
  • Mobile styling fixes (padding and gallery issues)
  • Font Awesome icon library updated to V4.5 (can be used via icon shortcodes)
  • Admin panel font reverted to default, Open Sans, due to non-latin character issues.
V1.3.9 - January 12th, 2016
  • Home template bottom visual editor fix.
  • Clicking on logo resets / hides all sub menus on left menu navigation.
  • Tagline accepts shortcodes
  • Google Analytics for ajax navigation. Page views being pushed to Google Analytics even ajax navigation activated.
  • Admin panel font fix. Using Open Sans for non-english languages
  • Theme Options panel fix for Firefox.


V1.3.8 - December 18th, 2015
  • Floating sidebar fix for single product page
  • Disable Floating Product Sidebar option at Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout
  • Excerpt fix for html tags
  • Minor HTML tag fixes for W3 validation


V1.3.7 - December 8th, 2015
  • Layout improvements : fluid instead of fixed width for better compatibility with mobile & tablet devices
  • Post ordering options updated : Order by date (ascending), Order by date (descending) at “Post Type > Re-order”
  • Gallery height fix for mobile
  • Content wrapper shortcode fix


V1.3.6 - December 3rd, 2015
  • New shortcode : Content Wrapper. See more information at Northeme > Help > Improve Content > Shortcode
  • New option for social icons : Below Left menu. Northeme > Appearance > Social Icons > Social Links Location
  • New option for Maintenance Mode : Pass key. IPlist option removed and Pass Key option added instead. Set a pass key for creating special URL to access website even maintenance activated
  • “Slider” element added to the Composition of single posts
  • Minor bug fixes


V1.3.5 - November 19th, 2015
  • "Load more" pagination fix
  • Shortcode / text editor fix 


V1.3.4 - November 18th, 2015
  • Woocommerce compatibility fix (for V2.5)
  • Slider animation & transition speed fix
  • Minor script and styling fixes


V1.3.3 - November 5th, 2015
  • Custom Fields update for Single Custom Post Type Posts. New fields can be added and fields can be reordered.
  • Grid layout tablet viewport fix (Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout > Grid Layout on Tablet)
  • Minor bug fixes


V1.3.2 - November 1st, 2015
  • New : WPML support & WPML shortcodes. More info at Northeme > Help > Translation / Localization
  • New : Grid layout automatically drops to 2 columns on tablet regardless grid layout preset settings. Can be disabled at Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout > Grid Layout on Tablet
  • New : Northeme > Appearance > Posts & Grid Layout > POST TYPE > Visual Editor Alignment. Three options provided as Default, Below Composition or Above Composition. Text editor content can be shown on left column even it’s set to display two columns.
  • Remove title option for Add / Edit Page at Pages, now allows to hide entire page header or hide page title only
  • Excerpt fix for password protected pages. Full excerpt is being displayed for password protected posts and “protected:” removed from title on posts list.
  • CPT Composition text field fix for shortcodes.
  • Theme documentation updated
  • Other minor fixes under the hood


V1.3.1 - October 26th, 2015
  • Loading Bar options added and can be found at Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout > Loading Bar. It can be set to display bar only, bar + spinner or disabled.
  • “Category“ row added to Custom Post Type’s Post List page on admin dashboard
  • Related Posts title font styling fixed. Check Related Posts title size at Northeme > Appearance > Skins & Fonts > Font Styling
  • Sticky menu / ajax nav issues fixed
  • Mobile menu alignment fixes
  • Search & Tag page pagination fix
  • Minor theme framework bugs fixed


V1.3 - October 8th, 2015
  • New Feature : Auto Setup. QuickStart Guide process rearranged and improved. Auto Setup option added in order to setup the theme with default settings.  
  • New Option : Northeme > Website Layout > Show only main categories. If activated, only main categories will be listed in category list on post overview page.
  • New Option : Northeme > Skins & Fonts > Font Size & Styling > Mobile Menu Items. Mobile menu font size and styling can be changed
  • Basic & Advanced modes added back to theme framework. Advanced sections rearranged to make easier to use theme options.
  • Mobile menu custom icon alignment fix
  • Other minor bug fixes


V1.2.2 - September 21st, 2015

  • New feature : Order by post title option added to POST TYPE > Re-order. Posts can be re-ordered by date, title or custom ordering.
  • Mobile back to top bar BG & text color options at Northeme > Appearance > Skins & Fonts > Skins
  • Theme options basic / advanced buttons removed and all options revealed
  • About template “team member” multiple column inconsistencies fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes under the hood


V1.2.1 - September 8th, 2015

  • “Display as gallery“ option removed for single custom post Composition panel. Instead, new option list added : default, gallery w/ lightbox, gallery w/o lightbox, slider w/lightbox, slider w/o lightbox.
  • Maintenance “IP list” option to override maintenance screen for specific IPs
  • Single Row option for custom fields at Northeme > Appearance > Posts & Grid Layout > POST TYPE
  • Display slider captions on hover option fixed
  • Hide slide timer bar (loading bar) remove option added
  • Main navigation menu fixes for ajax navigation
  • Minor bug fixes


V1.2 - August 25th, 2015


  • NEW : Complete ajax navigation feature. Main navigation, grid layout, post navigation and pagination load pages via ajax. Can be disabled at Northeme > Appearance > General Settings
  • NEW : Built-in SEO manager. Each post, page and category SEO title, keywords and description can be set on add / edit page. Disable at Northeme > Appearance > General Settings > Seo Settings
  • NEW : Video.js video player implemented and replaced with default WP video shortcodes due to browser & ajax compatibilities.
  • NEW : BG slider upload custom logo option added.
  • NEW : Disable page header individually. Remove Title option in Page Attributes box on add / edit page,
  • NEW : Custom Fields added to custom post types. Each post custom fields managed on add / edit post page. Adjust its settings at Northeme > Appearance > Posts > “Post Type” > Custom Fields
  • Gallery captions moved to beneath images (between current slide and thumbnails) instead of overlay.
  • Category ordering fix for Category listing page.  
  • Composition multiple image upload ordering fix.
  • Masonry positioning fix at first initialize
  • Ajax load option for button shortcodes
  • Custom post type tag page fix.


V1.1.5 - August 14th, 2015

  • BG Slider template new option added : Hide header & menu (on Add / Edit Page)
  • Bg Slider (Add / Edit page)  Display Footer option added to show footer text or social icons on BG slider page (or disable both).
  • Grid layout “overlay” option added for tablet & mobile. Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout > Grid Layout “overlay”
  • Disable sticky / floating menu and CPT sidebar option added to Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout
  • "Half Size" option on CPT Composition automatically switches to full width on mobile and tablet 
  • Theme options / Framework lightbox confirm boxes replaced with native JS funcs to fix conflicts
  • Theme options color selector field fix
  • Theme documentation added to theme folder in order to ensure Northeme > Help is always active and prevent multiple queries


V1.1.4 - August 5th, 2015

  • Slider / Gallery and Composition section image caption fields replaced with content editor in order to make easier to add URLs and adjust styling.
    IMPORTANT : This update may affect line breaks of currentcaptions since content editor adds line breaks automatically. Please check your captions if you use multiple rows.
  • Shortcode gallery / slider top and bottom margin fix (set as none).
  • Top and Bottom margin options added to shortcode slider popup (access through :N shortcode button on content editor panel)
  • "Hide Title on Post Navigation" option added for disabling navigation arrow titles on single post pages (Northeme > Appearance > Posts > Post Type)
  • Font Awesome icon font library updated to V4.4
  • * Upcoming WordPress version 4.3 compatibility fixes
  • * Upcoming Woocommerce 2.4 compatibility fixes

* WordPress and Woocommerce updates will be released this month


V1.1.3 - July 30th, 2015

  • Gallery BG color (only gallery mode) : Northeme > Appearance > Built-in Plugins > Slider & Gallery Settings > BG Color
  • Gallery height / position fix
  • Post navigation "post title" issue fix
  • BG Slider video form fix
  • Category Re-order fix
  • Minor styling fixes


V1.1.2 - July 26th, 2015

  • Column shortcodes : column alignment improvements. Position option removed for easier use.
  • Button shortcodes : border option added
  • Blog gallery format fix for grid layout. Gallery format posts will display thumbnail instead of gallery on grid layout (fixed due to size inconsistencies).
  • Northeme Options panel styling fix
  • Styling fixes for slider
  • Minor fixes and improvements


V1.1.1 - July 16th, 2015

  • Northeme > Appearance > Post Type (CPT only) > Show Visual Editor Content Below. This option allows to display visual editor content below Composition.
  • Slider vertical image alignment fix
  • Masonry infinite scroll loading improvements : adding more content with fade in effect
  • Thumbnail hover fix for infinite scroll
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements under the hood


V1.1 - July 10th, 2015

  • Options Panel Update : Appearance and Settings sections merged at Northeme > Appearance to access all options in one place. UI design changes made for compact look. (Menu order hasn’t been changed)
  • Appearance, Sliders, Help menus added to dashboard Northeme menu for quick access to help and sliders.
  • Northeme menu added to top admin toolbar
  • Northeme > Theme menu renamed as Northeme > Update.
  • Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout > Layout Padding : section border bottom option added
  • Disable lightbox option added to Slider / Gallery manager. By default lightbox is activated for sliders. Activate this option to disable lightbox for a slider.
  • Slider caption / alt tag fixes for lightbox.
  • Northeme > Appearance > Website Layout > Narrow layout (Reframe backward compatibility)
  • Header and footer icon alignment fixes
  • Blog two columns excerpt fix : excerpt and read more button will show up on sidebar if two columns mode activated and post format is other than standard
  • Northeme > Appearance > Branding > Logo URL option added
  • Main menu active menu font changed as default instead of bold due to positioning glitch / issues on active / hover. (color changes, bold or regular font settings can be made at Skins & Fonts section)
  • QuickStart guide and legacy product upgrade features improved


V1.0 - July 5th, 2015