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  • Older version of Font Awesome

    Hi Mert, The newer versions of Madrigal are using a new version of Font Awesome. Our designer wants the old ones back, he does not like the new ones. Would you know...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • display page titles

    Hi Mert, I've got another question : in Layout > Website header the page titles button is disabled, but I've noticed that my page titles still appears on mobile. Is there a...

  • Menu

    How to set up a menu like the one in the attached image? I created several categories as well as portfolio pages attached to the categories. But when creating a menu only...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Custom posts Re-order rights

    I am trying to grant a website author/editor the rights to be able to reorder posts manually through memebers plugin. i t seems i cant find the right. does it exist? could...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Font not working on different devices

    Hi Northeme. Imported a Font via @fontface but still not working in the preview. Instead, a Serif Font is showing up, also on mobile devices. Should be a special Sans Font -...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • How to remove a search icon from menu

    Well... As in the topic. I'm asking about the main menu.

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Background colour of main (header) menu

    Hi Is it possible to change the background colour of the main menu? Cheers Nick

  • Accordion "+"

    Hello, is there a possibility to delete the "+' (and after -> "-") sign in the accordion shortcode? Thanks in advance?

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Sliders missing after an update

    Hello, I've just updated slider revolution to v.6.2.18 and Madrigal to v.2.9.1. After this my starting page just went blank, I don't have anything there now (even the text)... I've checked the...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Live Stream in Madrigal

    Hello Northeme staff! First, thank you so much for the good looking templates so far! So now I am wondering, I became a teacher at an art school here in the Nethterlands...

  • backgrounds picture for each work

    Hi, sorry, forget my yesterday message (I discover, I have to resolve the PHP problem with my Webhosting). NEW QUESTION: at the moment I am using REGAIN as a theme, but I...

  • Huw to hide page title on mobile?

    The page title is hidden on the desktop, but how could I hide it on mobile? Regards, Markiian

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • New tab when clicking on social icons.

    Hi Is there a way to change social icons on frontpage opens in a new tab? Thanks

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Wrong icons for mobile menu and bottom arrow

    After using your fantastic themes privately, in recent years, I have now also bought a license to use at work. Unfortunately, I have encountered some problems. Wrong icons and characters appear for...

    Bug report
  • WPBakery Page Builder

    I recently updated the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in. However, when I try to activate the plug-in the loads blank and the plug-in never activates. Any suggestions on how to work around this...

    Setup / Installation
  • page builder not showing

    Hi Mert, Thanks for answering my previous questions. A few more questions with respect to WP page builder: I noticed the page builder interface has disappeared in the page editor. My editor...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • gap in page builder grids

    Hi Mert, Another question: For my home page I'm using the WP Page Builder grid builder to generate a custom post grid. I'd like to make a larger gap than the maximum...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • gutenberg or page builder?

    Hi Mert, I'm getting the impression that WP blocks (gutenberg) are a good thing to use as this is the direction Wordpress development is going. My Yoast plugin also stated that it...

  • Adding White bar on Header

    Hi, I am planning to have a full page photo slide show on the home page. And this making the menu text not visible in some image background. I am wondering if...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • How to translate "(No reviews yet) - Write" with Loco

    Hi, I have for a while now tried to translate these two strings to German: "No reviews yet" and "Write" I see this line () - in /madrigal-master/framework/front-end/classes/class.woocommerce.php No success after many...

    Setup / Installation
  • gutenberg cover image block – full width

    Hi Mert, Can you please help me figure out how to get a cover image block (gutenberg) to go full–width? Looking at this resource as potential solution: Many thanks! Sarah

  • page cover

    Hello we use the theme madrigal. With the page cover you have to scroll extremely long to get the actual text. What could be the reason? Can you adjust this setting so...

  • woocommerce more than one Product Image

    Hi there, maybe I am just blind on this, but I can only add one thumbnail while setting up a new product in woocommerce. How do I get to adding various product...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Setting half-page image

    Hey, Mert, Is there any way to set up a page in which, say, the right half is content & copy, etc., and the left half is a static image that covers...

    Trouble using a theme feature
  • Social icons / position

    Hi there, I'd like to use the FontAwesome icons that the theme uses to make a social "bar" in a text box, but the icons don't seem to want to be hyperlinked....

    Trouble using a theme feature


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