June 10, 2015

Northeme Legacy Products Upgrade Guide

Learn more about built-in data conversion tool of Northeme Framework

Before June 10th, 2015, our product line was consisting of Workality Premium, Reframe and Centreal. Although we’ll continue to provide support and updates, they will no longer be available to purchase.

Today, we’re introducing our new product line. Our first release is Workality Plus named after its predecessor Workality Premium.

If you’ve purchased one of our legacy products, you can easily upgrade thanks to built-in auto-upgrade tool of Northeme Framework.

Upgraded data becomes re-usable between new themes

Northeme upgrade tool converts the previous Northeme theme data for Northeme Framework. New Northeme Framework offers a common base for current and upcoming themes, and it allows you to switch between Northeme themes while your website content remains preserved and can be re-usable between themes.

As for Workality Lite users, they might enjoy hassle-free theme upgrade tool as well. We included Workality Lite into upgrade tool and its data will be converted.

New product line will be expanding in the forthcoming days. Reframe Plus and Centreal Plus are ready and set for release in July.

UPDATE : Please note that data converting tool only converts your important Northeme data such as custom post types, sliders, custom post type and post contents (post formats, Composition content, custom fields etc.).
However, theme settings will NOT be converted due to compatibility issues and must be reconfigured according to the new theme : Uploading logo, tagline, social links, skin settings and other minor options. New Northeme Framework comes with QuickStart guide and setup wizard that will help you out with those settings and it provides advanced options.
Built-in SEO feature is removed due to its lacking features. SEO optimization is one of the most important part of building a website and it’s highly recommended to use WordPress SEO or similar SEO plugin to get the most out of SEO related features.
Please update your WordPress to the latest version and make sure your hosting meets minimum WordPress requirements (PHP V5.2.4 and above) before upgrading.
It’s important to understand that although it’s called upgrade, this is basically switching to a new product with better features and solid framework.


How to upgrade

After you purchased, installed and activated a new Northeme Theme, Quickstart Guide will display the screen below if previously a legacy product was installed on your WordPress. Select your previous theme and click on convert. We highly recommend to backup your website before starting upgrade.

You can find more information about upgrade process and obsolete theme features below :


What data will be converted?

Please note that upgrading aims to convert your important theme data rather than your settings. Northeme Framework provides various settings and options, and it may require reconfiguration.

Most importantly, upgrading is irreversible process and converted data cannot be downgraded to previous theme data. We recommend to backup your website before upgrading.

Following data will be converted :

  • Custom Post Types : All custom post types created in theme framework will be integrated. However, Northeme Framework sets maximum 10 custom post type limit due to performance issues (10 is still a huge number for custom post types). If you have more than 10 custom post types, we highly recommend reduce the number before upgrading.
  • Posts : Custom post type posts including Composition and custom fields content, blog posts with post format settings and content
  • Sliders / Galleries : All sliders and galleries will be copied to new Northeme Framework Slider / Gallery Manager. As for shortcode sliders and galleries, both shortcodes are no longer being used since new Slider / Gallery Manager shortcodes offered. But out-dated slider & gallery shortcodes still supported and your sliders / galleries will be active.
  • Logo, Footer Text and Favicon

Upgrade will only convert Northeme related content in order to make it re-usable. It will not cause any WordPress page, post or any other data loss.

IMPORTANT : Custom CSS and file modifications made on legacy products will not work with new themes since HTML markup and CSS classes have been updated.


Obsolete Features

Several features are either no longer available or have replaced with better alternatives :

  • Custom Color Scheme for Single Custom Post Type  (Workality Premium)
    This feature used to allow create separate color schemes for each post. It removed due to its impractical usage. Instead, global color scheme is being used for all single posts and single custom post type BG color can be changed from Skins & Fonts section in theme framework.
  • Remove Padding on Single Custom Post Type (Workality Premium)
    Workality Premium used to offer an option to disable solid BG option and remove canvas padding for single custom post type page. This option removed with Workality Plus and canvas BG color has become default and can be changed from Skins & Fonts in Northeme Framework. Please note that two / single column layout for single CPT page option is still available
    . This feature is now available
  • Quickslide (Workality Premium)
    Quickslide was a feature that allows to load a specific page and display its content below main navigation menu by sliding down effect. This feature has become obsolete and no longer available.
  • Ajax Navigation for Single Posts – (All legacy products)
    Ajax navigation partially disabled for single posts. Category navigation, infinite scroll and load more post loading features are still using ajax loading for content, although single post loading and post navigation ajax feature are disabled for all post types and products.The reason why we limited ajax navigation is incompatibility issues with 3rd party plugins. Most plugins require triggering javascript / ajax codes on first page load and ajax navigation break their functionality since the page never refreshed. In other words, we aimed to increase extendibility of your website via 3rd party plugins. Instead, we use an ajax-like solution to load pages. Whenever you click on an item in navigation menu or a grid item, loading indicator bar appears while the page is loading. This creates an ajax-loading like effect even though page loading is being done through conventional way..
     Improved ajax navigation is available now
  • Galleria Plugin (All legacy products)
    Galleria plugin is not available in new Northeme Framework. Instead, improved / customized version of Flexslider is being used for slider and galleries.
  • Custom Fields for CPT (All legacy products)
    Custom fields were multiple fields with name and value fields to provide additional content for the post. This feature has been removed due to their *limited use. Additional information can be added to main visual editor through shortcodes and other useful theme features.
    This feature is available now
    IMPORTANT : Upgrading will add custom fields content to the end of visual editor content in order to prevent data loss. You can edit and re-organize posts later.
  • Built-in SEO Panel (All legacy products)
    SEO panel for post and pages used to be provided for basic SEO needs such as HTML Title, Keywords and Description. However, this feature is no longer available due to higher requirements of SEO optimization. Instead, using free yet comprehensive SEO plugin WordPress SEO is highly recommended. You may prefer to use other SEO plugins as well.
     This feature is available now
  • Disable Page Title (All legacy products)
    An option to disable page title / header was available for individual posts. This option removed from single posts and added to theme framework as a global option. If activated removes page headers. External URL option for individual posts is still available. 
    This feature is available now.
  • Crisp Image and Retina Display Support (Workality Premium and Centreal)
    Crisp image feature removed because it’s generating high number of thumbnails. As for Retina Display Support feature, it’s become a built-in instead of an option since HD displays have already become an industry standard today. Double sized HD / retina display image will be automatically generated.
  • Move Custom Post Types (All legacy products)
    This option used to allow moving all posts to another post type. This option become an unnecessary feature after latest developments of Northeme Framework. Instead of bulk operation, moving a single post to another post type option provided on Add / Edit post page.
  • Archive Page Template (All legacy products)
    No longer available since Posts Shortcode is provided.

What happens if I don’t upgrade

We wish you to upgrade and benefit from great features of new Northeme Themes. Currently we offer a member-only special upgrade deal. Make sure that you sign in your account to access this deal.

However, you may prefer not to upgrade and stick to your current theme as well. We’ll continue to provide support and updates. You can continue to use your theme safely. Legacy product support and updates will continue until your membership expires.


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