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Elementor Support

Exclusive page building widgets and full support included for one of the most popular WordPress Page Builders

WordPress Editor

Enjoy WordPress Editor, built-in content builder of WordPress. It's fully supported by our themes!

WooCommerce Support

Full support for the most customizable e-Commerce platform for building your online store.

WPML Support

Our themes fully support WPML, the most complete multilingual / translation plugin for WordPress!

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Theme Features

Preset & Custom Skins

Select Light, Gray or Dark skin preset for a quick start or create your own color scheme with Custom option.

Elementor Support

Elementor plugin is fully supported. Theme exclusive widgets provided to make building content much easier.

Theme exclusive widget includes Post Grid, Gallery Grid, Services, Clients, Team Members, Embed / HTML5 Video, Sliders and Social Sharing Buttons.

Portfolio & Blog Post Layouts

Content alignment options are available for both Portfolio and Blog as well as content width can be set as half width, 3/4 or full width.

Posts Page

Layout types for posts page allows to list Portfolio and Blog posts as single column, two columns or combination of single and two columns.

See these features by clicking question mark on the left side on live demo site

Responsive Typography

Enjoy advanced customization options! Typography options allow you to adjust font settings for heading, body, menu and many other sections. Each option provides font size, line height, font family, color etc. Also viewport specific font sizes can be adjusted for desktop, tablet and mobile separately.

Custom Post Types

Your theme comes with Portfolio post type by default. Custom Post Types feature allows to create up to 10 post types similar to Portfolio. That being said, you can create unique post types such as news, articles, publications etc. to

Grid Layout Presets

Create / manage custom layouts with Grid Layout Presets. Each layout provides several modification options :

  • Columns : 2 to 8 columns
  • Padding : Adjust padding between images
  • Landspace, portrait, square or masonry (Custom sizes supported)
  • Heading and info typography per grid layout template

Custom layouts are interchangeable between all post types including Blog and WooCommerce.

WordPress Editor (Gutenberg) Compatibility

Our themes are fully compatible with new WordPress’ editor, Gutenberg. We’re consistently releasing theme updates to maintain the best compatibility with all WordPress features.

Portfolio Content

Portfolio post type offers Composition panel for single posts. It allows to add media elements such as image, video or text editor to build mixed content and reorder elements.

Element column sizing can be adjusted individually and adjusted as 2/3, 1/2 or full width.

Post & Category Re-ordering

Post and category reordering feature allows to re-order portfolio posts and blog + portfolio categories.

It’s possible to order by date (ascending and descending), title and custom ordering.

Header Section

A page header consisting of three sections : Page Title, Excerpt and Categories (only Blog and Portfolio)

Each section is optional and can be adjusted for each page individually. Excerpt supports HTML and shortcodes to add rich content. Maximum header width also can be adjusted through theme options for versatility.

WooCommerce Support

Build your online store without a hassle! The most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce is fully supported. We made sure that all WooCommerce related pages such as product listing, single product page, cart checkout etc. look beautiful on every device. Mini cart feature is available to access cart content easier. Theme’s exclusive grid layout options can be used to list products and related products

* Woocommerce Plugin support is optional. Woocommerce related scripts will not be included to your theme unless it’s activated.

Built-in Slider

Each theme comes with slider manager to build unlimited sliders. Sliders can be included into pages or posts via shortcodes.

* It’s optional feature and can be disabled to use 3rd party plugins

Built-in Lightbox

Slick and beautiful lightbox plugin Lightgallery is included your theme! Open all images and videos in lightbox big and beautifully and enjoy zoom, mousedrag and full screen features.

Featured Image / Video Options

Grid layout offers several item displaying options :

  • Single thumbnail
  • Thumbnail with hover image
  • Embed video
  • Slider
  • Animated GIF

Videos can be embedded via 3rd party website URLs such as Youtube, Vimeo or WP video shortcodes. 

Adjustable Portfolio Composition

Composition panel allows to add image, video, slider and text elements and arrange their alignment and ordering as you wish. Full Width, Half Width, 1/3, 2/3 and 1/4 size options are available to rearrange project assets.

Siderbars / Widgets

Svea offers three widget areas : Page Sidebar, Blog Sidebar and Footer Widgets.

Both page and blog sidebars are optional and can be disabled. As for Footer Widgets, it can be adjusted to display one to four columns or disabled.

Font Types

Unlimited font choices! Rich font options by Google Fonts, HTML fonts, Typekit & other 3rd party font providers integration. Furthermore upload and use the font files you have with @fontface! Font types can be assigned to body, headers.

Translation & WPML Support

It’s ready to translate! Theme language files (.po, .mo) are provided and your website can easily get translated into any language.

If you want to have a multi-language website, your theme is ready to use the most popular multi-language plugin WPML.

Common Theme Features

Clean & easy to use premium themes with powerful features

Skins & Custom Colors

Quick color scheme presets and custom color options for page elements

100% Responsive Layout

All themes built with responsive layout and HD / retina display support

Social Links & Icons

80+ social icons ready to use via Font Awesome icon library

Auto Updates

Get new version notifications and update your theme from WP dashboard

Font Types

600+ Google Fonts, HTML fonts, Typekit & 3rd party cloud font integration.


E-mail Support, Knowledge Base and extensive documentation


Language files included for localization and multi-language support


100% valid HTML5 coding for the best SEO results

Features List & Compatibility

Theme features list, WordPress and PHP compatibility
  • Portfolio Post Type
  • Full ajax navigation throughout the website (can be disabled from theme options)
  • Skins : Light, Gray, Dark or Custom option for setting your own color scheme.
  • Font Types : Google Fonts, @fontface for custom font files or Typekit / HTML / 3rd party font providers.
  • Body font size for desktop and mobile. Bold or normal weight heading option 
  • Adding logo as image or text
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile sizing options for logo image
  • Copyright footer text
  • Footer, Page and Blog Widgets / Sidebars  
  • Hide seach form option
  • Hide logo option
  • Display drop-down category list option (by default drop-down list is being displayed on tablet and mobile only)
  • Hide category filter option
  • Big Heading option for pages to display excerpt instead of page.
  • Composition panel for building project content. Add image, video, slider and text elements, select a column width (Default, Full Width, Half, 1/3, 1/4) and rearrange them by drag&drop.
  • Sticky or static menu position
  • Logo alignment options : Center or Left
  • Classic or mobile navigation menu options.
  • Four Portfolio and Blog listing page layouts :Single Column, Two Columns, Single Column + Two Columns, Single Column + Two Columns + Single Column combination
  • Two different layout options for single post page.
  • Single post content width options : 50%, 68% or 100% wide
  • B&W effect for posts listing page layouts
  • Four pagination types for Portfolio and Blog : Page Numbers, Infinite Scroll, Load More Button, Next / Previous Buttons
  • Post sharing buttons : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, VKontakte. It can be disabled for Portfolio or post individually
  • Built-in Slider manager to build unlimited sliders and use them via shortcodes
  • Built-in Lightbox plugin
  • Must-have shortcodes : Shifted Content, Columns, Sliders, Tabs, Accordion, Contact Form, Google Map, Buttons Icons, Alerts 
  • Custom CSS fields for each post and page along with global option
  • Custom Scripts field
  • Auto updates from WP dashboard

Svea Change Log

V2.3.1 - March 6th, 2024
  • WooCommerce 8.6.0 compatibility update


V2.3.0 - February 13th, 2024
  • WooCommerce compatibility update
  • Minor CSS fixes for WP Editor video player


V2.2 - July 15th, 2023
  • WooCommerce compatibility fixes
  • WooCommerce "Out of stock" text filter added to replace default text via localization plugins / files
  • Minot styling fixes


V2.1.4 - May 19th, 2023
  • New option added : Display front page title at Northeme > Website Layout. This option allows to display page title beside hambuger menu icon on Front Page. It's available if "Hamburger Menu + Page Title" is selected at Navigation Type option.


V2.1.3 - April 3rd, 2023
  • Gutenberg video styling fix for admin


V2.1.2 - April 2nd, 2023
  • WordPress 6.2 compatibility update
  • Minor bug fixes under the hood


V2.1.1 - March 9th, 2022
  • Minor styling and bug fixes


V2.1 - November 18th, 2022
  • New Feature : Mobile Tabs added. It can be set and activated at Northeme > Mobile Tabs section. Find more information in theme documentation. This is an optional feature.
  • New Feature : Rounded image corners option added for grid layouts. It can be adjusted from Northeme > POST TYPE > Grid Layout Tab > Image Corner Radius options. This is a responsive feature it can be activated only on mobile, desktop or both. Activated for mobile viewport by default. It's also available for Post Grid block of Elementor and WPBakery page builder.
  • Mobile layout improvements
  • Minor fixes and improvements under the hood


V2.0.4 - October 11th, 2022
  • Font Awesome upgraded to version 6.2.0
  • Font Awesome and jQuery scripts included into the theme directly instead of being served over CDN (EU data protection laws compliance)
  • Elementor compatibility fixes


V2.0.3 - October 11th, 2022
  • Fix for uploading @font-face woff, woff2 and webp images to Media Library
  • Hiding navigation menu on URL change fix


V2.0.2 - July 21st, 2022
  • Category grid layout fix


V2.0.1 - June 27th, 2022
  • Minor function and styling fixes


V2.0 - June 13th, 2022

Please read this blog post and backup your website before updating to this version!

This update requires to purge caching plugin cache (if applicable), invalidate cdn/cloud cache (if applicable), and your browser cache since there are CSS and JS changes / fixes


Custom Post Types

Portfolio has been the default post type of Svea and Regain. Now, Custom Post Types introduced and it allows to create up to 10 post types similar to Portfolio in order to expand your website features. Also more advanced options provided for better control on single post pages and grid layouts.


Grid Layout Presets

Grid layout presets introduced along with exclusive layouts. Multiple grid layout presets can be created / managed at Northeme > Grid Layout Presets and can be used on Portfolio, Blog and Shop (WooCommerce) pages. Also custom Elementor widget has been provided to insert post grid into any post or page you wish.


Elementor Support

Elementor support provided and exclusive Elementor blocks added : Clients, Gallery Grid, Services, Sliders, Social Sharing, Team Members.


Advanced Typography Settings

Body, heading, menu and many other options provided for advanced typography settings and can be found at Northeme > Fonts > Font Styling section. Each setting provides font size, line height, font family, font weight, color etc. Also typography options created responsive design in mind. It’s possible to use alternate font size, line height and letter spacing per viewport as desktop, tablet and mobile.


Image and thumbnail optimizations

  • Theme's thumbnail crop feature has been replaced with modern CSS features. Theme uses generated image sizes by WordPress.
  • Using resized images instead of cropped images allow to server high quality images
  • This applies to all grid layouts, post, project and page images
  • (optional) Force regenerate thumbnails plugin can be used to clear up unused cropped thumbnails
  • Image quality and retina options removed since they're no longer relevant


Featured image (Post & Custom Post Type)

SVG / GIF option has been removed from Featured image panel after removing thumbnail crop feature. Featured image field can be used for adding SVG / GIF images. 


WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce product listing, mini cart summary, mini cart icon with quantity, cart and checkout and any WooCommerce related pages beautifully crafted for Svea and Regain. You can activate e-commerce features by installing WooCommerce plugin.


Live Demo Installation

Building a new website from scratch might be overwhelming. Live demo installation aims to make this process easier. We’ve optimized this feature for fast and installation and get you started immediately. Live demo can be installed your WordPress site via one-click.


Other features, improvements and fixes

  • Content width option added for blog posts at Northeme > Layout
  • One level sub menu for classic menu added
  • Wide layout option added Northeme > Layout
  • Image hover for blog issue fixed
  • Widgets section improved for new WordPress Widgets system
  • Custom Post Type Composition panel : Adding new elements will be added to top, will become the first item.
  • Mobile menu font size option added to Northeme > Fonts > Fonts size & styling
  • Lazyload feature, one of the internal features of WordPress, has been applied to all images.
  • Live Demo installation script has been improved to prevent timeout issues.
  • Single post / page titles have been changed to H1 tag for better SEO results
  • Comment dates updated : Comment dates appears as "x time ago". Comments older than 24 hours will appear as full date and time. E.g. "12 March 2021 - 11:54 am". Format and language depends on your WordPress language settings
  • Search page results fixed for displaying results from different post types
  • Password protected page improved by displaying post title
  • Font Awesome version 4 upgraded to version 6. Also compatibility script added to migrate v4 to v6.
  • Theme icons library updated
  • Activate Gutenberg has been removed from all post types and it's activated by default. Gutenberg completely disabled by installing Classic Editor plugin provided by
  • Fix : Category dropdown positioning on mobile and tablet
  • Fix : Tag query issues fixed
  • Many more performance improvements and bug fixes under the hood


V1.1.3 - January 27th, 2022
  • WordPress 5.9 compatibility fix


V1.1.2 - April 7th, 2021
  • WordPress 5.7 compatibility update


V1.1.1 - August 12th, 2020
  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility update
Updated at
Version 2.3.1 - March 6th, 2024
WordPress Compatibility
Wordpress v6.0+
wordpress gutenberg
PHP Compatibility
PHP V7.0+
PHP V8.0+
PHP V8.1+
Browser Compatibility
All Major Browsers
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge
Cross Browser Support

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This theme is fantastic and very well done
Jacques maton Using Reframe Plus
I've used Northeme workality and reframe themes for my portfolio websites for several years now. I'm no web developer but for me they are the perfect way to get great looking, easy to use and easy to update visual portfolio websites. I can't fault the support, updates and pricing - many thanks Northeme!
Dave Young Using Reframe Plus
Beautiful, minimal, full of cool functions, highly customizable! Best Wordpress theme! Keeps improving everyday. Great customer support too. Quick helpful answers. Recommended
Simone Zuccarini Using Reframe Plus
blazing fast support
Matthias Fuhrmann Using Reframe Plus
Creative, nice and easy theme :)
Miodrag Todorovic Using Workality Plus
Perfect theme!
Jean-François Wang Using Madrigal
Great customizable theme with fast and accurate support. Love it!
Patrick Zadrobilek Using Workality Plus
A great theme, very easy to customize. I am very happy using it.
Przemyslaw Trafalski Using Workality Plus
Thank you for this excellent Theme!
Tanja Kischel Using Reframe Plus
It takes a little bit of tweaking to get right, but Workality Plus is an incredibly powerful theme that's really customizable. My portfolio never looked better!
Christopher McDougall Using Workality Plus
so far, this theme (workality plus) has been exactly as advertised and just right for my site. i've also contacted support a few times so far and the responses are always very timely - much appreciated!
John Sousa Using Workality Plus
I have purchased many templates and had issues with a few. However, I must say that NORTHEME don't just provided brilliant sites their support is truly the best I have experienced. I would without doubt say that they are the best and most professional provider I have dealt with. I highly recommend them.
david austin-white Using Workality Plus
What can I say. Absolutely brilliant theme made by a great guy/team. Support second to none!
Kenneth Reid Using Workality Plus
Great theme and best support!
Jacob Godin Forsberg Using Madrigal
This is a very flexible and clean theme, but most important it comes with great support and constant updates. Highly recommended!
Filipe Brandao Using Reframe Plus
Have been looking forever for a minimalist theme that truly is... minimalist. I'm a designer/artist/photographer with some coding experience. I found Svea to be a breeze to setup and eventually customize a little for my needs. The theme strikes just the right notes, a perfect blend of form and function. Svea complements my work perfectly without overwhelming it. Love it!
David Hartwell Using Svea
So far I'm delighted with Northeme's Centreal Plus theme. I used it to build my first ever website and found it very straight forward and easy to use. Had virtually no trouble and the questions I did have were answered within a day.
Yuri Selby Using Centreal Plus
Well built theme! Offers plenty of options. We used it for a clean architecture-tours and gallery site.
Sam Suter

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