Workality Lite

Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme for Creatives

Workality Lite is a responsive portfolio theme for creative people and agencies. Great for building a simple portfolio website through portfolio post type with four different grid layout options. Enjoy this free product!

VER 1.4 - June 9th, 2015




Cross Browser Support
Portfolio Layouts
Portfolio Layouts

Workality offers 4 different layout types with various thumbnail sizes for portfolio :  Small, Medium, Big and Portrait.

Thumbnail size can be changed from theme options whenever you want.

Portfolio Post Type

Workality provides Works post type along with default Posts. Works post type allows to build your portfolio while you're still able to add blog posts at Posts on your dashboard.

Also each work can be assigned to a Creative Field which is built-in taxonomy for Works post type.

Portfolio Post Type
Localization Support
Localization Support

Workality has been localized and is ready to be translated into the language of your choice.

Default.po/mo files are included in order to translate the workality theme easily.

Seamless Integration

Setup your theme, build your content and upgrade to a premium Northeme Theme whenever you want! 

We built Northeme Framework for smooth integrations between any Northeme product. Upgrading will remain your content and theme data preserved and integrate into Northeme Framework.

You can switch between Northeme Themes without data loss! 

Please note that Northeme Framework is only provided for our premium themes. Workality Lite has its own options panel for simple changes.

Seamless Integration


How to create pages?

Navigate Pages on dashboard.

Workality comes with 5 different page templates :

  • Default Template : This is wordPress default page template with sidebar.
  • Blog : A page must be created with Blog Template in order to listing blog posts.
  • Full Width : This is default full width template without sidebar.
  • Works : This is portfolio template. Create a page with Works template to display portfolio posts. Create projects at Works > Add New Project.
  • Archive : Archive template works as a summary page which displays recent 25 blog posts, archive by month, archive by categories and page content.


How can I add new project?

Navigate Works > Add New Project :

  • Featured image : This is your project thumbnail. It must be set to display project thumbnail on Works page.
  • Images / Videos of the Project : This section allows to add video and images into your content and reorder them via drag&drop.
  • Additional Info & Preferences : Project details such as client name, project date etc. can be set through this section and also rich text editor content positioning can be set to display above or below the page content.

Setup frontpage

Any page can be set as your homepage. Navigate Settings > Reading at your dashboard and select a page from Front Page selectbox. Click on save changes to apply new settings.

Make sure Posts Page selectbox remained unselected.

Images won't show up in Images / Videos of Project section

The reason of images won't show up in the Images / Videos section is Link URL field may be empty. Once you clicked on Add Image button and selected/uploaded your image, you’re supposed to click on File URL button if Link URL field is blank. Once the Link URL field shows the image URL correctly, you can click on insert into post button to add your image.

Also make sure that “Full size” option is selected before clicking on the insert image button.

Workality Plus Comparison

Website Layout Responsive Responsive
Layout Resolution Narrow 1024px Narrow 1024px or regular 1280px
Post Types Works Works + 9 more custom post types
Grid Layout Presets : small, medium, large, portrait Custom : 2 to 6 columns, masonry or fixed, adjustable padding
Single Post Page Single Columns Single or two columns
Pagination Blog only All post types. Auto-load or page numbers
Sidebar / Widgets Blog, footer For all page templates
Font Types HTML Google Fonts, HTML fonts, Fontface, Typekit
Custom Skins Light, gray, dark or fully custom
Post Formats Standard, Image, Gallery, Quote, Link
Built-in Plugins Slider, gallery, lightbox
Shortcodes 9 shortcodes
Auto-Update Update via single click from your dashboard
Customer Support
Woocommerce Support
WPML Support
Retina Support
Dowload Workality Lite Learn more & buy Workality Plus


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Workality Lite Change Log

1.4 June 10th, 2015

  • Blog pagination update : older / newer posts
  • Image upload fixes
  • Limited ajax navigation for better plugin compatibility
  • WordPress 4.2+ compatibility fixes

1.3.3 - August 30th, 2014

  • Ajax history functions fix
  • Images / Videos section fix
  • Minor bug fixes under the hood

1.3.2 - June 5th, 2014

  • Ajax browser history fix
  • Image alignment issue fixed

1.3.1 - January 25th, 2014

  • Social icon CSS rules updated to prevent conflicts

1.3 - January 25th, 2014

  • Advanced > Disable Ajax Navigation feature included into the theme framework. It allows you to disable ajax navigation for Works page in order to prevent 3rd plugin conflicts.

1.2.2 - June 26st, 2013

  • Mobile CSS fix

1.2.1 - May 1st, 2013

  • Transfer section fix

1.2 - April 21st, 2013

  • Theme options transfer section
  • Minor bug fixes for post navigation

1.1 - Dec 18th, 2012

  • Updated codebase and minor bug fixes

1.0.3 - Dec 05th, 2012

  • Minor bug fixes

1.0.2 - Nov 21th, 2012

  • Minor bug fixes

1.0.1 - Nov 10th, 2012

  • Minor bug fixes