November 6, 2015

WPML support all across the themes and more!

Awesome new features for multilingual websites and better post visibility

Early this week and yesterday new updates released for our themes with awesome new features.

WPML Support

Now, our themes fully support one of the most popular multilingual WordPress Plugin, WPML. Custom post types, ajax navigation and all other theme features have been tested and rearranged for the best compatibility.

Custom Fields Improvements

Single custom post type (CPT) posts offer custom fields feature to display additional information separated from text editor. Title and value fields can be managed for each field and themes used to offer maximum 6 custom fields. Now, custom fields are completely manageable : add new fields, delete current ones or re-order fields by drag & drop.


Grid Layout improvements for tablet viewport (optional)

Grid layout manager allows to create 2 to 6 columns layouts in order to list posts. Thumbnails are being displayed according to your settings on desktop and automatically switched to single column on mobile layout for better visibility. A new improvement has been made by the latest update and grid layout is automatically being switched to two columns on tablet viewport regardless the current grid layout settings.

This feature offers a better visibility and usability for the website on tablet viewport. But it’s totally optional and can be disabled from theme options if you wish to keep your settings on tablet viewport as well.


Beyond these common new features, other improvements and minor bug fixes included for each theme. Make sure that you’ve checked your theme’s change log in order to find out all changes.

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