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Portfolio Featured Image/Thumbnails and Blog Listing Page Inconsistancy

Case ID #4270   -   Setup / Installation

Hi Mert,

I hope you’re well. Sorry to add to your workload again.

For some reason I can’t set my portfolio thumbnails using “Set Featured Image” anymore. When I try to do this, the Featured Image/Thumbnail disappears from the Featured Image/Video panel when I press the blue WordPress “Update” button.

I noticed there’s a new theme update that you released a few days ago and the Change Log mentions a Featured Image Fix for WordPress 4.6. I haven’t yet updated Mert and I have two questions before I do;

1. Will the update fix this problem? If not, how can I fix this issue?

2. Will I lose changes I’ve made to the theme if I update? I’ve had a few amendments made to the Header.php and the Footer.php and I’m concerned updating will write over the changes. I’m completely new to WordPress so I’m a bit clueless about the finer points. I read something about a “Child Theme” on your support page and I’m concerned I should have been working in this way from the get go. Could you please let me know which way I should move on this Mert.

There’s one other problem I’m having I hope you can help with. On my Blog Listing page, the text excerpt is being displayed at two different sizes. You’ll see my point if you visit my blog listing page. The problem’s occurring when I use the Northeme Column Shortcode in my blog post. For some reason when I do, the text excerpt is larger on the blog listing page. How can I rectify this so the excerpt is always the same size?

Thanks in advance Mert.

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Kind regards,

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