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Lightgallery Filtering Glitch

Case ID #4333   -   Setup / Installation

Hi Mert,

I’m having an issue with Lightgallery. It’s a little confusing to explain, but I’ll do my best to be clear. It may help if you visit my site and explore portfolio images displayed in Lightgallery mode.

I have a total of 61 images in my website portfolio. That include all categories. If the user mouse clicks on “portfolio” in the menu, all 61 images load in three column masonry layout. If the user then mouse click on any of those 61 images, the particular image loads in Lightgallery and the entire portfolio of 61 images can be cycled through using the arrows. The counter displays 1/61. So far there’s no glitch.

The problem I’m having occurs when the user filters the portfolio. Let’s use my “commercial” category as an example. I have 9 images in this portfolio category. The filter works perfectly, displaying only the 9 images in masonry format. The glitch occurs when the user attempts to view the category in Lightgallery mode. The counter should say 1/9 and the arrows should cycle through the filtered category images only, but frustratingly this isn’t always the case. Sometimes Lightgallery cycles through the category only and other times it cycles through the entire portfolio of 61 images, completely ignoring the filtering. If you’re having a hard time observing both of these behaviours, reload the browser while on any of the portfolio categories and Lightgallery will switch up the number of images it cycles through.

Mert is there some way of fixing this problem? Bare in mind I want to stick with Lightgallery and not switch to Magnific.

I hope I haven’t confused you too much Mert. Thanks in advance.

Password: cheese

WordPress Login Credentials: Emailed to you previously

Kind regards,

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