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Ajax page loads plugin over and over (and shouldn't)

Case ID #3378   -   Setup / Installation

I have the Instagram Feed plugin installed, and the Ajax that loads pages in the Reframe theme loads the plugin again and again on the page with every new page load. Here's the explanation I received from the plugin author (their support for a free plugin is absolutely amazing).

"It looks like the issue is related to how your theme works. It looks like you're using an Ajax powered theme and it's re-running the plugin's JavaScript files again on every page load, despite it not technically refreshing the page, which means that the plugin's JavaScript file is being run multiple times and resulting in the header and photos being loaded into the feed multiple times. You'll see that if you navigate to a new page on your site then a new header and batch of photos is added to the feed for every page you visit, so if you visit 10 pages then it gets added 10 times!

You may be able to get around this by checking the setting labeled 'Are you using an Ajax powered theme?' on the plugin's Settings page, but if that doesn't work then you may need to contact your theme author to see whether there's any way to prevent this from happening on every page load."

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